Pre-Kindergarten in goleta, ca

(Ages 4-6 Years Old)


The Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed to be a transition between Pre-School and Kindergarten. The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum involves a multisensory approach to the alphabet and number concepts and includes the following goals: developing language skills, teaching sound-... Read more


Rainbow School has expansive classrooms and playgrounds. Our Pre-Kindergarten rooms contain furnishings and materials carefully selected with young children in mind. The safe and durable playground equipment provides ample opportunities for outdoor exploration.


Our well-qualified and experienced staff has great affection, knowledge, and understanding of young children. The teachers guide the boys and girls ... Read more


A mid-morning & mid-afternoon snack is served. Children bring a sack lunch. A beverage is provided.

Our Commitment

The Rainbow School Pre-Kindergarten Program offers a well supervised, age appropriate environment where children develop their learning and socialization skills, as well as fulfill their need for physical activity and self control. Working and busy ... Read more

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to allow a child to learn through self questioning thus enabling him/her to obtain answers from experience. The staff provides guidance and questions to assist the development of your child's awareness of his/her world and self. ... Read more

Sample Daily Schedule

7:30-9:15Arrival, health check, exploration and use of inside interest centers, art, computers, and free play
9:15-9:45Large group time (story, calendar, language, counting)
9:45-10:45Morning snack, outside activities, large motor skills
10:45-11:45Small group time (numbers, letters, science, music, etc)
11:45-12:30Lunch and prepare for rest time
(12:30 pickup for half day students)
12:30-2:45Rest time
2:45-3:00Wake up time, activities, and snack prep
3:00-3:15Afternoon snack
3:15-4:30Group time: large group activities, dance, stories, sharing, music, flannel board stories and indoor/outdoor activities that encourage cooperative play
4:30-5:30Table activities: small motor, art and table games, stories and departure